Camp Rules


New Clients

If you are a new customer, please fill out the following information on our client information record form. We ask that you print it and bring it with you at the time of boarding your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do We Bring Our Own Bedding?

Canine Camp provides sheepskin mats or blankets for your dog's comfort. Personal bedding is allowed as long as it is washable. We will provide one complimentary laundering for stays of seven days or more. Crates are permitted for small- or medium-size dogs who are accustomed to sleeping in their crate. Canine Camp is not responsible for any damages.

What Vaccinations Will My Pet Need?

All dogs need to be current on their rabies, Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine), DHLP, and Canine Influenza H3N2 vaccinations. Feline guests need to be current on the rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. Please give us advance notification of shots and bring proof of vaccinations with a vet receipt. All pets must be free of fleas to prevent infesting other animals in the kennel.

Do We Bring Our Own Pet Food?

If your dog is on a special diet, or if you prefer to bring your own dog food to minimize stomach upset, you may bring your own food pre-measured into plastic baggies for each day of their stay. We are proud to serve and sell NutriLife™ and Premium Edge™ pet foods. NutriLife™  is for dog lovers who want their dog to have a food where the ingredient panel is as appetizing for people as it is for dogs. NutriLife™ is specially formulated with fresh duck, turkey and lamb, and contains no corn or wheat to help avoid possible allergic reactions. In addition to fresh meat, our All Gold™ pet food has added probiotics, prebiotics, and yucca to help promote excellent gastrointestinal health, which is formulated for all life stages.

Love Your Dog With Holistic Nutrition for Life

Premium Edge™ pet foods are made only with the finest, freshest ingredients. Real meat is the number one ingredient in every formula. Containing no ground corn, wheat, or soy, your pet receives the best nutrition for optimal health. Premium Edge™ has specialized formulas to meet the specific needs of your pet. We have available senior, healthy weight, and skin and coat formulas for dogs and finicky adult formula for cats.



How Many Times a Day Will My Dog Be Fed?

We typically feed in the morning and in the evening, but we will do our best to follow the owner's requested schedule.

My Pet Requires Medication; Will You Administer It?

Yes, we administer two veterinary prescribed medications for no additional charge. Please give us advance notification of any medications that are needed to be administered. Pets requiring three or more medications, or three or more doses of a medication, will be charged $.50 per day per medication. Injections are $2.00 per day.

What is Canine Camp's flea policy?

Canine Camp is a no flea zone. All pets must be free of fleas to prevent infesting other animals in the kennel. We require a flea bath and/or Frontline™ application if we find fleas on a pet that has arrived for boarding or grooming. This is done at the owner's expense. Frontline Plus™ is applied to the skin on the back between the shoulder blades and is an additional charge according to the size of the dog. Frontline Plus™ for cats is also available. We strive to maintain a flea-free facility for the health and comfort of all our furry friends.

Can I Bring My Dog's Favorite Toy?

We provide lots of toys for your dog to play with while they're at Canine Camp, but you may bring one special toy from home if you wish. Please be aware that your toy may be chewed up by feisty neighboring dogs or lost in our daily cleaning.



Can I Pay for Extra 'Play Time' for My Pet?

Play time or one-on-one time with a camp counselor is available. Play time consists of 15 minutes of off-leash play time in a securely fenced area with a camp counselor. Your pet enjoys playing and interaction with the counselor who engages your pet with balls, throwing discs, and other toys. If your pet doesn't want to play, we gladly spend the time giving your pet lots of hugs and rubs.

How Should I Say Good-Bye To My Dog?

Remember that your dog will enjoy the social time here at camp so be calm but upbeat. Tell your dog to be a good boy or girl. Remain positive or they'll sense any separation anxiety on your part and become insecure themselves. Avoid lingering by keeping your goodbyes short and sweet!

Do You Board Cats?

Yes, we have modern cat condos with separate sleeping and litter box areas. In addition to their indoor condo, a separate fully enclosed outdoor play area is provided for your cat to exercise or to lounge, weather permitting.


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