Transforming the Look Of Your pet


Treat your pets to a fresh and clean bath with the dog and cat grooming services at Canine Camp. To clients throughout the Jacksonville, Illinois, area, we offer professional grooming for all breeds and guarantee 100% satisfaction for you and your pet. Our specialists make your pet feel like they are getting a personal massage with our dog boarding and grooming services. The products we use are safe for their coats and clean them efficiently.

Using the Best Products for Your Pet

The HydroSurge™ is a therapeutic bathing system that produces an invigorating whirlpool action that enhances the effectiveness of shampoos, and conditioners, as well as gently removing loose hair, dead skin, and dirt. We use only TropiClean™ and SPA™ natural pet products. TropiClean™ products are coconut-based shampoos and conditioners containing botanical and tropical ingredients such as papaya, kiwi, awapuhi, chamomile, yucca, neem, and several others. These soap-free shampoos can be used safely with flea control programs, such as Frontline™, Advantage™ and BioSpot™.

Bath and Grooming Prices

Squeaky Clean Bath: $20.00 to $45.00

This is recommended for any pets that are staying at our camp for more than three days. This service includes:

Massaging Hydrosurge™ Bath | Conditioner | Nails Cut | Ears Cleaned (Plucked If Necessary) | Blow Dry | Fluff Brush and Cologne | 15 Minutes Pre-Brushing

Baths for large breed dogs starts at $40.00 and up.

Medicated Bath with Oatmeal Rinse: $5.00 Extra

Add this to any bath for pets with dry skin or are allergy-prone.

Flea Shampoo: $5.00 to $15.00 Extra

Remove any unwanted fleas from your pet. This is an added service to any bath. This is required for any pets coming in with fleas. Frontline Plus™ is available at an additional charge.